My Story

I didn’t use real names for anyone but myself to avoid privacy concerns.

My father wanted to name me Axel, after the lead singer of Guns N Roses, but my mother had a cow and insisted on a more ladylike name, such as Anastasia. Thankfully, they settled on something a little less dramatic than both of those and I came out, kicking and screaming, bearing the name of Alexandra. I’ve gone by Alex, Lexi, Lexis, Alexa, and Zandra (that was a weird time in my life), but ultimately came down on Allie. You can call me anything you want, really; I’m open-minded. I went through a year’s worth of obsessions over dolphins and neon markers. Those pens that smelled really good – Jelly-Rolls? – I loved those too. Had a whole bag of them. When I was 17, I discovered I was allergic to citric acid, so I can’t have anything tasty ever. It’s really lame. My mother has bi-polar and my grandparents don’t speak to me over some slight (okay, huge) differences in lifestyle. I was raised suppressed and homeschooled, and I’m learning more ways to be “normal” each and every day. I adore horses, cats, candles, long baths, and I compulsively write the date on every drawing, letter, and object I make. (Or receive.)

I found God when I was 19. Well, He found me. I thought I’d been saved when I was little – as in, three or four – and thought so again when I was baptised at 13, but I really came to know Him in 2009, after a few months of real soul-searching. I’d been pretty unsettled and unhappy, deep down in my heart, and I knew something was up. I discussed it with my family and my uncle Dave baptised me in front of a few of my closest friends. It didn’t feel like a show or a facade this time – it felt real. Ever since then, I’ve been up and down, same as anyone. I have terrible days, great days, and those days that are so mundane you just want to shoot yourself, and I wish I could say I handle them all with grace. I don’t. I’m an idiot, for starters, and I’m far too prideful, but He loves my anyway, and He bears with me. Shaking His head, I’m sure. I’m a Christian – straight up. No frills, no bows, no huge shows of glamour and glitz. I just believe and I hope I can show everyone His love through my work.

Welcome to my life!


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